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كأس خادم الحرمين الشريفين للقدرة والتحمل الدولي بمحافظة العلا بتاريخ 02 فبراير 2019م

Conditions to participate in Custodian of The Two Holly Mosques Endurance Cup, CEI2**-120 KM -AL Ulla , Saudi Arabia , 01-02/02/2019 :

  • Horses must be at least 6 years old to participate
  • Any person from the year in which he reaches his 14th birthday and who is duly authorized by his National Federation is eligible to take part in all Endurance Rides.
  • Maximum Pulse at Vet Gates: 64 bpm within 20 minutes, At the Final Inspection, the Maximum Pulse shall be 64 bpm within 30 minutes, the pulse criteria may be reduced during the ride if, in the opinion of the President of the Veterinary Commission in consultation with the Foreign Veterinary Delegate, the President of the Ground Jury and the Technical Delegate they believe there is a danger to the safety of the Horses.
  • the minimum riding weight for Athletes must be 70kg to include all riding equipment
  • the minimum speed will be 14 kmph
  • Athletes and Horses must be registered with the FEI as per FEI General Regulations.
  • Horses must have a FEI passport with full vaccination records as per FEI rules.
  • Mares obviously in advanced pregnancies, meaning over 120 days, or with foal at foot cannot be entered in the Event.
  • All ages are determined as of the date of the Event for which eligibility to participate is sought, and must be confirmed either through reliable registrations or written Veterinary opinion, which may be recorded within Passports. Horses are deemed to have their birthday on the 1st January.
  • Horses must finish the mandatory minimum rest period if they were competing in a CEI or National Events, before it is eligible to participate in the event.
  • All Horses and Athletes must have successfully completed Novice Qualifying Successfully complete 2 rides of distances between 40-79 km and 2 rides of between 80-90 km at speeds of 16 kph or under.
  • From their first novice qualification ride, horses must complete the requirements of the qualification phase within 24 months. Horses are eligible to compete in a CEI 1* event 12 months from the completion of the first novice ride provided they have completed all the novice qualifications including respecting speed and rest period restrictions. Once the novice qualifications are fully completed, horses are eligible to compete in a CEI1* event for a 24 months period.
  • From their first novice qualification ride, athletes must complete the requirements of this qualifying phase within 24 months. Once novice qualifications are fully completed, athletes are eligible to compete in a CEI1* event 6 months from the completion of the first novice event. After having completed the novice qualification, should an athlete fail to complete in a CEI1* during the next 24 months period, the athlete will need to refresh their novice qualification before progressing further.
  • CEI Star Qualifying to be determined according to FEI records and database, and attested to by each NF.
  • Horses and Athletes, not necessarily as a combination must successfully complete FEI Competitions to progress through the Star system, beginning with a successful completion at the 1-Star level, thereby qualifying to move up through each Star category as defined in Art 814.
  • The number of Horses that may be entered for an Event must be in accordance with the schedule.
  • All Athletes invited or nominated for an International Event must be entered by their NFs. All foreign Athletes selected by their NFs must be accepted by the OC. OCs may not accept any other entries.
  • Entries for Athletes and Horses must include their name, FEI registration number (FEI ID).
  • At an Event, an Athlete may withdraw any or all his Horses from a Competition, but he may not add a Horse not previously entered for that Competition without the Approval of the OC and the Ground Jury.
  • Athletes may each bring one spare Horse to the Competition, subject to the ability of the OC to accommodate them. These spare Horses must be duly entered in the Competition under the Athlete’s name.
  • Substitutions after Definite Entries: after the Definite Entries have been sent in, substitution of Horses and/or Athletes may only be made with the permission of the NF and the OC, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld. All substituted Horses and/or Athletes to be correctly qualified as per Art 816.3.
  • Veterinary treatment may not be administered to a Horse during the Competition without the written approval of the Veterinary Commission. Authorized treatment does not affect classification of the Horse. (see FEI Veterinary Regulations)
  • The FEI Veterinary Regulations apply to all International Endurance Rides.